First off, how awesome is that cover? Just completely awesome, that’s how awesome. The seriousness of Gaffigan and the silliness of the title is great. Anyway, the book. Dad is Fat is a hilarious book, but that is a given when it is written by a comedian as funny as Jim Gaffigan. Dad is Fat gives a life story of Jim and how he came into being a comedian. But, more than that the book focuses on his home life as a father raising a litter of kids in a TWO BEDROOM apartment. This man has a proper excuse to be fat. But, what makes Gaffigan amazing is he loves it. Sure, he jokes around about how terrible it is, but they are just jokes for the sake of humor. Dad Is Fat is an extremely funny book, and by the end of it you really feel like you know this family and understand his love for it and what he does.