The Legend of Korra TV show review


I loved The Last Airbender series. I watched it multiple times all the way through, even as an adult! I love Legend of Korra maybe even a little bit more. Legend of Korra follows Korra, the next avatar in the cycle as she completes her training and save the world. The difference in this and Airbender is that she is much older, and almost a master. I truly like that. I believe when the creators were making this that they knew the biggest following would come from fans of the original. Fans of the original are older now, and relate to Korra. Korra, much like Ang, has a group of people that help her save the world along the way. Mako, Bollin, and Asami. With them though there is a weird love square thing (you will find out why this show is groundbreaking in the last episode). The action in this is spectacular, the score is wonderful, and the stories are addicting. I’d watch the series again, and am right now.

2 thoughts on “The Legend of Korra TV show review”

  1. Do you think they had that planned all along? Liked this series, although I thought it dragged a bit when she had all her crises of confidence. However, all the stuff that happened in the spirit realm and the first avatar story was brilliant. My kids thought so too.


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