Did we really NEED this? No. No we did not. We never NEED a spin off. But, I am so happy that we have this! Creed follows Adonis Johnson, the illegitimate love child of Apollo Creed. Adonis is taken out of the system by Apollo’s wife when he is young. She urges him to not fight, and yet Adonis is compelled to… As follows the Rocky formula, Adonis gets a shot at the belt against the best in the world, trained by the great Rocky Balboa. So, now that you know about it, and see how bad in could have gone, I’m going to tell you that everything went right! There is not a better spin off out there. This sold because it is a “Rocky” movie. This continues to make money because it is a great stand alone film. If you take Stallone out and insert a random old guy, and change Adonis last name, I’d STILL like this movie. Speaking of Stallone, he gives one of the best and most emotional performances I have ever seen from him in this. Oscar worthy. I think that is actually what I liked most about this movie. Sure, the fighting was great, the montage was well done (all 4 of them), and the soundtrack was great. But, the relationship between Rocky, Adonis (and sometimes his girlfriend Bianca) is what made this. Every moment of this movie was emotionally charged, and I loved it. THIS is my favorite Rocky movie.