For months we have been teased relentlessly. We have speculated, made thousands of videos and wrote even more articles. We have watched, and re-watched every trailer, and every movie. Now, the wait is over… There has been an awakening… Star Wars Episode SEVEN! The day has come and I can hardly handle my excitement! Unfortunately I had to wait two days to see the epic new movie. For those of you reading this review, do not worry, I never spoil! Some people though are not as kind, but somehow I managed to avoid almost all spoilers. I did have one big thing spoiled for me,  but I saw that coming (and so will you). Anyway, the movie… The Force Awakens is the the seventh movie in the amazing Star Wars saga. This movie takes place after the events of Return of the Jedi. One thing I was excited yet worried about was the including of Luke, Han, and Leia. I was concerned that they would either be in it too much, or mere cameos. I felt all the roles were done perfectly though! Especially Han. Han Solo was at the front of this movie along with our new protagonists Rey, and Fin. Rey and Fin are great, introducing new main characters to series such as this is difficult. In the prequels we followed young characters of people we already new. I feel like this is done well though. The instant chemistry between Poe and Finn is great too. Now, lets talk about my favorite part of this whole movie, and MAYBE even franchise. Kylo Ren. I still stick to my guns that Kilgrave is the best villain ever, but I will now stick to my guns that Kylo Ren is the best Star Wars villain ever. I can’t tell you much, sadly, but Kylo Ren has two big reveals in this movie. One I loved from the start. The other, I grew to love as I saw him more and more. I know people will say Darth Vader is the best, but you will see why Kylo Ren is ten times scarier. To wrap up I loved this. On top of everything I said the music was fantastic, the ending light saber battle was the best of the series, the little jokes hit well, and the cameos were great. I don’t rate movies, but know I will see this many times in theaters.