White Christmas movie review


A true holiday classic that will stand the test of time as it has the last 60 years, Whit Christmas is a surprising favorite of mine. Every family has a Christmas tradition, mines is White Christmas on Christmas night. The first year however that I watched it with the family was last year. I was very opposed as I normally do not like old movies, or musicals. White Christmas proved to be the exception. Opening with the iconic song of which the movie is named after, sung by Bing Crosby, this movie has you from the start. White Christmas plays off the musical part well though as the main characters are performers and generally when they sing and dance it is for a show. When it comes to that singing and dancing though, it is ALL amazing. Every single performance in this is phenomenal (especially the shoe tapping scene). White Christmas probably has one of my all time favorite love stories though. Its touching, real, and pulls 2 couples together by accident. I love this movie, and I will continue to sit down to it every year.

One thought on “White Christmas movie review”

  1. Great review, and I agree that this is one you can watch year after year. You might want to find “Holiday Inn” (1942), with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire, and it’s the movie in which the song “White Christmas” makes its film debut, actually.. This movie is similar to “White Christmas” but “White Christmas” is not a remake of “Holiday Inn.” Both movies are interesting to watch and compare.

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