Ant Man movie review


I’ll be honest, I never had high hopes for this movie. I never saw this in theater, but I really wish I had! Ant Man follows Scott Lang, an ex thief that is recruited by Dr. Hank Pim to take over as the Ant Man. I’m not saying this is the best superhero movie out there, because it is not even close. It’s villain is stereotypical, the story is played out, and the cameo they got was Falcon. BUT, this movie did prove once again that Marvel can take anybody, and any story, and make a kick-ass superhero movie out of it. When I picture Paul Rudd I never picture a superhero, but he was absolutely perfect for this role! This is your stereotypical superhero movie, but it is a Marvel superhero movie. Go see it.

6 thoughts on “Ant Man movie review”

  1. I think it gets by because Ant-Man is the most unusual and different of all the superheroes so far. Hoping the same helps Doctor Strange and we don’t get another generic origin story.

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  2. I hadn’t planned to see this one, but I was on a roadtrip this summer and we wanted a chilled out evening activity one night and it was the only thing playing in the podunk Wyoming town where we were staying. I LOVED IT! I especially like the times that they would be showing the action as all intense at ant-size, and then cut to a wide angle to show what a person would see if they were actually watching. Paul Rudd was amazing!


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