Aziz Ansari is an amazingly successful comedian, getting his break on Parks and Recreation. His comedy style is quick, and real. His words aren’t minced, yet he is not purely vulgar.  Though I love Aziz Ansari, he is truly my favorite stand up comedian, I was not a fan of this special. At the time of making this he was making a TV show, writing a new TV show, and writing a book. He was busy, and his work for his book and show bled though into his act. I’m not saying I didn’t ever laugh, I got a few chuckles, but that is not what I look for in my stand up comedy! I want gut wrenching laughter till I keel over and fucking die!.. Luckily no stand up has been that good… but this one is very far off!.. Aziz focuses on topics such as marriage, family, relationships, and romance as a whole. Which, is the subject of his book AND show, and has many of the same jokes. It’s more informative than it is funny, and I was disappointed.