Mike Birbiglia is a comedian, actor, writer, director, radio personality, and pretty much anything else he can get his hands on. For me though, Birbiglia’s stand up act is my favorite of all his endeavors, and one of my favorite acts ever. Though he doesn’t have as many hard hitting jokes as other comedians, Birbiglia’s stand up act is generally one long story. That is why I like My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend… In My Girlfriends Boyfriend Mike Birbiglia tells us the love story of him and Jen, that stretches over years. The entire time, not only are you laughing from his awkwardness and jokes, but yelling at him to not fuck up this relationship with Jen! A comic that can get you invested in a story, while still laughing consistently is hard to come by… Birbiglia talks about how awkward he is, and his fear of commitment, his struggles as a child, his first time kissing… It all seems like pointless dialogue until the end when it wraps up into one long and perfect story. Watching this is a necessity for any fan of stand up, or real-life love stories.