Dirty Grandpa movie review


(Warning: This review contains lots of cuss words, but if you are seeing Dirty Grandpa you don’t give a shit.)

I was extremely surprised by this movie. Why was I extremely surprised by this movie? Because It is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen! I was not prepared for that! Dirty Grandpa stars Robert De Niro and Zac Efron. De Niro (Dick) plays Zac Efron’s (Jason) grandpa who tricks him into taking him to Daytona beach. At this point in his life Jason is about to marry a huge bitch, he has become a huge fucking tool of a lawyer, dresses like an ass, and given up on all his dreams… On their way down to Daytona beach they run into 3 college students. I have no clue who the other 2 are, but Aubrey Plaza wants to fuck De Niro and it’s amazing throughout the entire movie! Surprisingly, this movie has some deep moments and some great character back story, but, the rest ensues how you would basically assume. Hi-jinx, drugs, De Niro being a bad-ass horn dog, and Jason realizing his life has been a mistake. Its pretty straight forward. But, I didn’t say I love it because of its originality, I love it cause it is hilarious as hell! There was not a single minute that went by that I was not laughing! This is the kind of movie you can just tell the actors were having fun and making up shit as they go!.. Speaking of actors and characters, the two best in the whole movie are Pamela the drug dealer who is best friends with cops, and cousin Nick who is a fuck up and weirdly obsessed with dogs… I will say the romance is a little unbelievable, but who gives a shit? De Niro says fuck a billion times, Efron takes his clothes off multiple times, Plaza is sexy AND funny, and I laughed the whole time… Totally worth it!

Ps. Stay for the after credits scene. Its awesome.

3 thoughts on “Dirty Grandpa movie review”

  1. AUBREY PLAZA KILLED IT in this movie, she was my main reason for watching it, followed by De Niro & Zac Efron, of course. She was HILARIOUS.

    CRAP, I didn’t stay for the after credit scene. -.-


      1. Right?! I was thinking about that, a lot of their stuff must’ve been improv, it seemed too real and funny for it to be entirely scripted

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