Impractical Jokers is a drop-dead hilarious hidden camera show on truTV. I’m serious, I hurt my abdomen laughing so hard at this last night! The premise of Impractical Jokers is very simple… Four lifelong friends (Joe, Sal, Q, and Murr) compete in challenges and try to embarrass each other. The person that loses the most gets punished in something EXTREMELY embarrassing. This is the funniest hidden camera show ever, and I laugh more at this than anything! What makes it so great is they are the most normal, every day, guys in the world. They are relateable, this might as well be you and your friends! Each season though it seems like they take it one step further…They got embarrassing tattoos, Murr legally married Sal’s sister… The stakes are high! I realize to many people it seems ridiculous and down right stupid, but there are enough deep shows out there… Have some fun!