Tucker and Dale vs Evil movie review


Tucker and Dale is a a spoof comedy that takes itself seriously, but, pulls it off. Tucker and Dale are a couple of blue collared country guys that buy a rundown cabin by a lake to vacation at. When a bunch of college kids see them save their friend out of the water they think they are evil hillbillies… This is where it gets interesting… The college kids attempt to rescue their friend but keep killing themselves on accident! The other college kids think Tucker and Dale are doing it, and the guys don’t know what the hell to think… Let’s be honest, this sounds like the pitch for a really shit, over the top movie. But this is a really GOOD and extremely over the top movie. Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk are a god damn gold mine of a comedic team. Katrina Bowden doesn’t add much to the movie, and the forced relationship is kind of out of left field. But, hey, Hollywood always needs a shitty romance for us to sit through till we get back to our movie… In the end what really makes this movie for me is the drop dead (get it?) hilarious ways they find to kill the college kids and Tucker and Dales reaction… My suggestion? Watch a horror movie, then watch this right after. It’s comedic gold.

8 thoughts on “Tucker and Dale vs Evil movie review”

  1. I love how this movie sends up the cliche of psycho hillbillies that became popular with Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Deliverance and The Hills Have Eyes, and the typical dumb as a box of hammers teenagers just kill themselves. Great fun if you love horror.


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