As weird as it feels to say, Micheal Bay was perfect for this movie and did an amazing job. 13 hours follows a group of, basically, mercenaries who struggle to protect an embassy from an endless wave of bad guys. I know bad guys sounds weird, but I shit you not they never once actually say “Isis”, they just say bad guys the whole movie. John Krasinski carried this movie very well. I realized how much his career is mimicking Chris Pratts. Both got their recognition as the funny guy in mockumentaries set in offices, and both now play action heroes. Anyway, though, Krasinski was an excellent leading man for this. This movie had 5 other very important men as well, but, though their acting was good it was not nearly as good. Almost stoneish is how I would describe it.. Enough about the actors though. What really got me about this movie was that it didn’t pull a single god damn punch. War movies have a tendency to sugar coat fire fights, minimize casualties, and be spars on the blood. Not this one, not one fucking bit. Peoples heads are blown off, run over by tanks, and one of the main characters arms is blown to bits… It’s crazy. The reason I said that Micheal Bay is perfect for this was he does over the top action, explosions, and slow motion really well. Those three things are EXACTLY what this movie needed. There were 2 absolutely amazing shots during a mortar sequence that blew my mind; you will know them when you see them… Tensions build up is crazy in this movie too… All in all it is one of the better war movies out there. Very true to war. Very true to the soldiers.