Louis C.K.: Chewed Up stand up review


Louis C.K. is one of the funniest, rawest, and honest comedians out there… Just don’t show him to your kids. In Chewed Up Louis pulls no punches. Making words such as c**t and N****r sound normal to use in every day life. He discusses normal subjects like weight, weed, sex, coffee, etc… Yet finds a way to twist it into something dirty (though doing that to sex is easy) and hilarious… For many years Louis released special after special, while still maintaining his hit TV show. To me this is easily his best stand up yet. Time after time I’ve watched this and the jokes remain funny. That is what makes good comedy.

2 thoughts on “Louis C.K.: Chewed Up stand up review”

  1. I love stand up but Louis C.K. is not my cup of tea, unfortunately. I tried watching one of his specials and ended turning it off not even half way through it. Maybe I’ll give him another try one of these days. He is considered, after all, one of the best out there.


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