Y’all Want A Single is a single released by the band Korn in 2003. Korn is a heavy metal, or nu metal, band that has had many hits and is well recognized for being “out there”… In 2003 their album Take a Look in the Mirror was going to be released and their record label made them make a single. They didn’t want to. So, what did they say? FUCK THAT!.. Y’all Want A Single tells about the disgust of record labels, chart toppers, and overly played singles. It encourages people to steal this song and to not buy into the fake corporation known as the “music business”. What I love about this song is it talks (or more-so yells) about singles having a formula of being less than three minutes and thirty seconds, and having a hook in twenty seconds… This sing does just that! Because it HAS to! This is a great song to sing along to and head bang in the car… but it has a damn good message behind it.