Magic Mike XXL movie review


In honor of Valentines day I will be reviewing a romance… Kind of… Most the romance is just them fucking girls they kind of like, and Richie finding a girl who can fit his entire dick in her… How is this movie PG-13? I’ve never seen the first Magic Mike, and I never had any reason to watch this. But, it happened, and things I watch get reviewed. That’s how it works. What came out of left field is the fact that I enjoyed this movie! I’m not saying this is a good movie, by almost all standards it is a terrible movie! I am saying it is enjoyable because these actors are clearly having the times of their lives doing this! The plot is convoluted, they make up weird reasons for them to dance or get naked, and a lot of the dialogue is cringe-worthy… BUT, it is hilarious and these guys are having a blast. My favorite character in this is EASILY Joe Manganiello, who plays Big Dick Richie. One of the funnies scenes I’ve ever seen involves him dancing in a convenience store trying to get a girl to smile… It’s golden. All the other characters are alright but basically forgettable. Matthew McConaughey does not reprise his role, but they use that as a great thing to build a heartwarming (maybe kind of a far fetched word) plot around… To recap… Bad plot, cringe-worthy dialogue, two dimensional characters, hot guys, funny… Now it’s up to you!

3 thoughts on “Magic Mike XXL movie review”

  1. The first one was better; the plot made more sense. But I agree that this one was a “B movie” at best. Hilarious and definitely worth the $1 and change at Redbox for the eye candy but not something you’ll be ruminating on weeks or even days later. Kind of makes me think of junk food. Ha-ha! And yes, that convenience store scene had me rolling! 😀

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