Now, I’m not going to pretend to know a damn thing about basketball, but I do know this is a fun game. NBA2K14 is the 2014 installment of the 2K series. Why did I play 14 instead of 16? My computer is shitty. When I first started up this game I made a player, which was surprisingly limited. Then, I made a team, which I was disappointed I couldn’t do anything with. Finally, I played the story/career mode which was addicting as hell. What I love about the career mode is you ACTUALLY start at the bottom. I was terrible. I was a bench warmer most the time, missed all my shots, and was an ass in press meetings. BUT, I got addicted to this game so by the end of it I was leading my team to championships and dominating! There are quite a few features that are lacking in this game, and quite a few things I was very disappointed in, but overall it’s very fun when you find your thing.