I found Dope extremely hard to review. I sat on this movie a few days trying to figure it out until I realized something. That is a good thing. It means this movie is really unique and original. That this movie stands on its own! What I want to know than is how I didn’t know about this sooner… Poor marketing? Anyway, Dope follows Malcolm and his two friends as they do lots of shit. Malcolm and his friends are nerds, but not in the normal sense of the word. They are nerds obsessed with the 90’s that want to go to college but grew up in the hood… And, what I mean by ‘they do lots of shit’ is that a lot of stuff happens that it is hard to explain…Basically this trio gets sucked into a drug business by force and has to do it in their own way to achieve their goals. This movie is great. It doesn’t pull any punches, and it embraces the R rating in a great way. It’s on Netflix. Watch it ASAP!