The 100 is a TV show adaptation of the book of the same name. The plot of the 100 is brilliantly unique yet familiar enough that it caught an audience… After a nuclear war that wiped out the entire population, mankind went to space to survive. Now, 100 years after the war their ship is dying. In a desperate move they send down 100 juvenile criminals to see if earth is still habitable… It is, and they are not alone… This show is addicting. I watched all two and a half seasons in just under two weeks, and now I have to go get the book! I realized part way through the most recent season what this show reminds me of, and how to describe it simply. This show is a cross of a standard YA novel, a sci-fi, and Game of Thrones. Every season and every episode the world expands, new people are discovered, new romances found, new wars to be fought… This show does all of it without ever feeling cluttered. One thing I feel needs to be said, and stands out, is woman in this show. Every leader in this show is a woman. I find this show very progressive in it’s use of woman leaders and gay couples and relationships… This show is also quite dark. People die, sometimes for no reason, sometimes out of the blue. It’s real. The front runners are teens but this does not feel like a teen show. Be warned though. Once you start watching this you can’t stop.