Okay guys, don’t kill me or anything, but I  only kind of hated the trailer. I’m not saying I like the movie! This is not a movie review, this is a trailer review. And, the trailer had some non-shitty moments. For the  part, though, this made me scared to watch the movie. Okay trailer, hate that it is for THIS movie. I liked the opening drama of it with the piano and skyline view, and I enjoyed the twist they put on the theme song. OH! And they have slimer! How can you not be excited by that? Other than that, I’m very worried. I understand the ghosts didn’t look real in the original, but that was a long time ago! There is no reason the ghosts in this should look like they are straight out of the Scooby Doo movie! I like the actors, they could pull this together, and I hope they find a way!.. I hated the gun licking that girl did, “Girl Murray” basically. I worry that she is TOO weird and will just annoy me. On a final ranting note, I hate the last fifteen seconds of this trailer where the on buster slaps the other buster. I didn’t laugh, I thought it was stupid. So, in conclusion… This had some fun moments, but mainly I don’t like it because WE DON’T NEED THIS!!! However, I will go see it because I see everything. That doesn’t mean you should.