The Office reigns supreme as ruler of all the workplace comedies out there. Following the lives of the employees of the paper company Dunder Mifflin in a mockumentary form, The Office always has its great and memorable moments. The Office is awesome in my opinion because it embraces the supreme boringness of what these people do… Sell paper. That is not fun or interesting in ANY way. I wouldn’t even do that shit in real life! BUT, that is where the brilliant comedy comes in. Take Jim (the best character, obviously) for example. Jim hates his job, and is always bored. What does Jim do? Jim pranks Dwight, plans how to prank Dwight, hits on Pam, and plans how to hit on Pam. Micheal occupies himself by being an incredibly annoying ass that almost ruins the first couple seasons for me! And Dwight runs a beat farm and B&B from work… But he likes his job way too much anyway… A few more good things before I get to the bad. The supporting cast is good and has as good of arcs and progression as the main cast. Jim and Pam are amazing and my third favorite TV couple ever (see My top 10 TV couples). Also, It inspired Parks and Rec! Now, the bad. Though I had a time when I was obsessed with The Office, and the first half of the series is  pure gold, everything has a bad side. For this it is nearly all of the second half of the series. Characters come on that don’t totally fit. Character arcs get weird, unbelievable, and cartoonish. Writing gets lazy. And overall, it doesn’t feel like the same show anymore. Which, if done right can be a great thing, this was done wrong towards the end. I still got laughs, and the last few episodes wrapped everything up well, but I still went back to watch classic Dwight vs Jim/Jim and Pam fun!