Captain America: Civil War trailer review


Okay, so, I couldn’t let one more day go by without reviewing this new trailer… Civil War needs no introduction or explanation at this point, so why don’t I just get to the trailer? This trailer is a lot more action filled, a lot quicker pace, and a lot cooler in my opinion. I’m not gonna lie, I’m full on team Iron Man… This trailer really made Cap seem like the bad guy, and I love it. I never thought Marvel would be able to make Captain America seem like the bad guy, but they succeeded. After watching this I don’t think Bucky is savable. It appears he kills War Machine and tries to shoot Tony JUST in this two minute trailer… There is so much to talk about in this, but something nobody is talking about is Ant Man… I realize he didn’t have the best movie, but its cool seeing him fight among the other heroes, if only for a second in this! After seeing this though it makes me worried that there is just too much to it. Too many heroes/villains. Too many story lines. Too much to touch on. I worry it will be packed, and too many things will be shoe horned… Now, what everyone is talking about…Spiderman. I should be a lot more excited, but I’m not. This is the THIRD Spiderman I have seen in 15 years. I know it is Marvel, but I’m not that excited. I’m also not sure how I feel about the suit. At first I hated it, now I only kind of hate it… I really think they should have completely left Spidey out till the movie. Anyway, I don’t need to tell you to watch it. I know everyone already will!

4 thoughts on “Captain America: Civil War trailer review”

  1. Actually, spidey is integral to the civil war story line in the original story arc written by Mark Millar (of Kick Ass fame in comics) for marvel. I like the look of the suit, it’s very classic spidey which is refreshing after the previous movie iterations. I’m actually quite excited to see what marvel can do with the character now that they have him in their film stable.

    I’m probably one of the few people who believe Civil War should not be a Captain America title, but rather it’s own MCU event that includes everything and everyone in the marvel universe. I’m not excited about this film, I’m worried about it. Yeah the action look amazing, I’ve come to expect nothing else from Marvel movies, but it doesn’t look like a Cap story, it looks like Avengers 2.5.

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  2. I loved seeing Spidey for the hype though, but I can understand why it would be fun to wait til the film as well. I’m on Team Iron Man as well, which is why I hope Tony keeps a close eye on Black Widow. She seems to be on Cap’s side at the end of the trailer so I’m expecting a betrayal. I’m assuming that Bucky isn’t the one who shots War Machine, but either way he has a lot of other iffy moments that will probably keep him from becoming a hero anytime soon. I’m definitely hyped for this film!

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  3. I agree with you completely about Spiderman. I enjoyed (the first two) originals, and the new ones weren’t half bad. While it is exciting to think about, I feel like Marvel wanted to do this more for the crowd appeal rather than the storyline. That should never be the case. Honestly, it could go either way. Marvel is good at this sort of thing so maybe they can blow us away. We can all be comforted by the fact that it can’t be much worse than Spiderman 3 😉

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