Sicario is one of the more difficult movies I’ve ever had to review. I can’t tell you much or it is ruined… Anyway, Sicario follows Kate Macer, an FBI agent that is recruited to help an escalating war on drugs in Mexico… Or that is what the synopsis says. That is not what this movie is about. That is what we think this movie is about for about fifteen minutes. The beautiful part about Sicario is that we are watching it through Kates eyes, and Kate doesn’t know jack shit. Every moment of this movie we are drip fed more and more information…Benicio Del Toro is the show stealer in this, dominating the screen every time he is on. His character is very intriguing and I WISH I could tell you more, but that is all I can say. Last but not least, the director. I’ve never heard of Denis Villeneuve, but, he is either a genius or really full of himself. This was an artsy movie… No tracking shots, only stills. Lots of long and wide shots. And a dull tan color palate… I don’t like it or dislike it, I’m just saying it was strangely artsy… To wrap up I just have to say that this is a good movie. But, be warned, it is often unsettling to watch.