Lets get something straight really quick… This is NOT a sequel. It is possible it is set in the same universe, but that seems loose. This is just an incredibly good marketing strategy. Another good marketing strategy? Not letting us know it exists until a couple months ago! That is damn smart. Anyway, 10 Cloverfield Lane follows Michelle. Michelle has run away from her fiance for reasons we don’t know… In the middle of the night she gets in a horrible car crash and wakes up in a bunker with 2 men. Howard, a giant hulking man with conspiracy theories and anger problems. And Emmett, a kind man that helped build the bunker and reassures her the world has actually ended…This movie is great. As you would have guessed John Goodman is the screen stealer in this. Every frame he is in is deeply unsettling. Howard is an unnerving man and no one could have played him but Goodman. Don’t get me wrong though, Winstead and Gallegher do their jobs FANTASTICALLY… But, I had to IMDB their names. 10 Cloverfield Lane does an excellent job of creating suspense, getting you on the edge of your seat, and making you hold your breath. The music in this a is a big contributing factor. Very 80’s! BUT, it has it’s down times… Towards the beginning of the movie it is quite boring. The first half hour crawls by as it takes forever to reach where it is going for the story to actually start. Other than that though, for a movie set completely in a bunker it is surprisingly entertaining. It makes me wonder if it HAD to be in a bunker because 90% of the budget was spent on John Goodman! Worth it though… Last but now least, never expect to know what is going to happen in this. Because what you think will happen definitely won’t… Especially in the end.