The Revenant is the story of one man who is left for dead by his own team, who also kills his son, after barely surviving a bear attack. Hugh Glass, played by Leo, survives many MANY perils in order to have his revenge on Fitzgerald (Hardy). The Revenant is an amazing movie, but, I don’t need to say that. Everybody KNOWS it is good, it was voted the best movie of the year and gave Leo his first (should be sixth) Oscar! This movie is truly gorgeous and real. The opening shot of the hunt in the swampy area alone took my breath away, then, immediately diving into the action pushed the movie forward. Everything in this movie is realistic. Though it is all improbable it is realistic, it is based on a true story after all. I believe that Tom Hardy should have received the best supporting actor for this as well. His portrayal of Fitzgerald was riveting and something that only Tom Hardy could have pulled off. He was nothing but a complete ass the entire movie, yet you cared about his story. He and Leo played perfect off each other and added some much needed tension towards the end… The reason I say ‘much needed’ is because this movie has its moments of extreme boredom. It is very long, has little dialogue, and though there is always tension it has its slow moments. In those moments you are reminded that you have been sitting for thirty minutes of previews, two hours of movie, and still wont get up for forty five minutes. THAT is my only complaint of this movie though. Its is beautiful, gruesome, real, and a must see.