You know a trailer is good when a COMEDY trailer gives you fucking goosebumps. This lineup is just ridiculous! Rogan and Franco called every friend they have ever made to do this movie. AND it reminds us of the past works these comedy gods have made. I know I’m overselling this shit like crazy, but I love everyone in this movie and all their past movies!.. Anyway, Sausage Party is the first ever R-rated animated movie. The movie follows a group of food-friends as they discover what going home from the grocery store ACTUALLY means… Getting eaten! They then go on a quest to warn all the other food… The tone of this trailer is god damn spectacular. Happy and cheery at the beginning, making you think its a kids movie. Then all of a sudden the massacre starts and Snoop Dogg kicks on! I gotta say the music and editing for this was great, even just when they were popping up all the names at the end it caught my attention… The best scene of this however has to be the ‘Saving Private Ryan’ reference it what I assume is a freezer. That shit got me!.. I think it’s clear I’m not gonna miss this, and you shouldn’t either.