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I love these two actors. Probably two of the best female leads out there right now, and absolutely hilarious. Sisters is a simple premise… Two sisters find out their childhood home is getting sold so they throw one last party. There is a little more to this movie, not much, but a little. The party they throw is for the people they went to high school with who are now 41+ and they go buck-wild. Amy Poehler is way over bearing and nice. Tina Fey is a mom, not a good one, and can’t hold down a job… I think that’s it on little details that might matter… Anyway, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey have amazing chemistry in this. In case you didn’t know, these two are besties/bff’s/sistas from anotha mista in real life, so it’s no wonder they are amazing together! They play off each other so well. One thing I find amazing is that both of these actors played a very large personality character on TV for a lot of years, yet can fall into another role almost seamlessly… I’m not going to spoil too much but a few other cool things… John Cena is in this, and he is hilarious. Sink holes are a much bigger threat in this than in real life.Ike Barinholtz and Amy Poehlers relationship is fucking awesome every time it is on screen… In the end I’m not saying this is a deep movie, or realistic, or anything like that. I’m saying it made me laugh quite a bit, and that is all I wanted out of it.