I love me a good action comedy! This one looks like it hit everything I like right on the nose! War Dogs stars Jonah Hill and Miles Teller and is a biopic about two 20-soethings that won a 300 dollar contract to arm Americas allies in Afghanistan. This movie has a definite Wolf of Wallstreet feel to it. The comedy looks dry, it looks real, and it looks like some serious shit goes down. I don’t know anything about this story in real life, and after watching this trailer I don’t want to learn any JUST to save the movie experience… The start of this trailer is great. It shows it is dark, gritty, but funny. As the trailer goes on it shows that these are NOT good guys, and that they went crazy with their money and power. The only thing that concerns me is it is directed by Todd Philips and the last two hangover movies were awful… But, this should be a great movie, and I’m excited to see these two actors together.