I’ve heard from so many people that James Franco phones this performance in and I didn’t get that vibe AT ALL. 11.22.63 is an adaptation of the Stephen King book. It follows Jake Epping who goes back to the year 1960 to prevent the assassination of JFK. He befriends a man named Bill, a back country boy who wants to help, and romances a girl named Sadie. The premise of this show is brilliant and I love how they handle the time travel. Epping has one shot in the past or he has to do it all over again. The past pushes back and tries to prevent you from changing it… It is truly brilliant. Daniel Webber, whom I have never heard of before, is a great choice for Lee Harvey Oswald. Webber plays a man on the edge very well… This show stays very true to history, while also toying with the idea of a conspiracy. A theory I have is that Epping went back in history and stayed there, and he was the cause of the JFK assassination AND the second shooter! Lately I have been watching so many shows, but this one kept me hooked on it… I can’t wait for the last episode tomorrow!