Daddy’s Home movie review


This movie is tricky. It will make it seem like you had a good time the entire movie by making you laugh like crazy in the last two minutes. Daddy’s Home stars Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg on screen once again. There is no doubt that these two have excellent on-screen chemistry and play off each other very well. That is the only reason this didn’t COMPLETELY crash and burn. That, and whenever Thomas Church was on screen. Few of the jokes hit and I never had a gut wrenching laugh until the very end when a surprise cameo came on. THAT part was perfect… Despite only being an hour and a half long, it feels far too long and was surprised to learn how short it is. I’m not saying this is terrible, but it is by no means good, or good for a comedy. It is merely OK and only watchable for Will and Mark.

One thought on “Daddy’s Home movie review”

  1. I would agree. It was like a mix of The Other guys, and Meet the Parents. The comraderie of Ferrel and Whalberg in Painful situations that are hard to watch. I also was a bit disappointed


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