This trailer doesn’t even feel like a Star Wars film, and I find that to be a damn good thing! Rogue One, at least from this trailer, looks to be darker and grittier. The force doesn’t seem to be very present in this… It seems more like a David and Goliath war movie, almost a Saving Private Ryan in space. Now, everyone seems to be getting their panties in a bunch over another female protagonist. Shut the fuck up! We had SIX movies with a male and she looks bad ass!.. Anyway… The tone of this is great and though no one seemed to like the alarm, I liked it. I found mixing the alarm with the Inception horn got my blood pumping… Everyone knows we are going to go see this. It is a Star Wars spin off. It has Ip Man with a stick, Star Wars, Alan Tudyk, Star Wars, an AT-AT that looks awesome, Star Wars, MAYBE Darth Vader, Star Wars… We are really getting spoiled lately.