The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 movie review


Dear Movie Industry, I really do love you most of the time. I even have a website devoted to you. But, you are dumbasses for thinking you can split the last book of every series into two parts for more money. If it didn’t work for Harry Potter, it won’t work for anything.  -B

I hope all of you are smart enough to realize without me telling you that this movie is boring as fuck. I don’t mean to insult you, but I didn’t bother to watch this in the theater even though I LOVED the book. Why? Because I knew it was going to be awful… That being said it was a billion times better than part one. THAT was a big pile of nothing. This is a medium sized pile of nothing with some cool action sequences and so many EXCITING love triangle scenes!!! (Sarcasm, obviously). I will say that in it’s defense none of the Hunger Games movies were all that good or interesting. Once our excitement wore off from an amazing book series turning into movies we started to realize they are terrible. This is easily the best one from them at least.  Sad to say though, but I feel like Jennifer Lawrence phoned this one in hard. It’s not like her but Katniss has almost no depth to her this movie… Though, on the other side, this is Josh Hutchersons best performance of the series! At this point Peeta is broken and on the teetering edge of insane… Hutcherson nailed it. If I could find anyway to fix this I’d cut about 20 minutes off of the beginning when nothing happens and extend the end a tiny bit. In the book series the epilogue was perfect. A wonderful way to wrap up a tragic story… This one attempted that but I would have liked more…In the end I liked the last half hour of this and THAT might be stretching it.

14 thoughts on “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 movie review”

  1. Never read the book, but I agree with your evaluation of this movie. As a critic and researcher, I’ve noticed this trend over the last several years. I think the issue is that the media conglomerates that own the movie studios are going to do whatever they need to in order to make money. There is little “art” in blockbusters. It’s a business decision. Although there is nothing wrong with a box office smash blockbuster, I would like to see more movies made for the art of storytelling than the business of it.


  2. Ugh. Thank you so much for posting. I’m glad someone else feels the same way. Mockingjay wasn’t my favorite of the series to begin with- they would have been better off making just one sorta-okay movie instead of splitting it into two (a trend that I just don’t get these days).


    1. Mockingjay actually was my favorite book of the series because it was the only one where they weren’t in a hunger games. There was so much world building and exploration they could have done with that! Besides that it is the first time we see the actual falls of war and the ending wraps everything up wonderfully in the book…. This series and more so this movie really shit the bed with how much good material they had.

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      1. True! They could have done so much more with it. I guess I’m just biased because I liked it pretty much right up to the ending…I hate it when characters die!


  3. I forgot this film existed after seeing it in the cinema. Jennifer Lawrence has nothing to work with, I found Katniss whiny and annoying in the books and in the films she was bland and boring. I hope they let this franchise die and not do a prequel or sequel.


  4. Agreed! I just felt exhausted after watching the movie. It just stretched and stretched and stretched. The ending, which had a strong impact to me in the book, was meh. They should have Katniss voice-over while a bunch of children played on the fields.


  5. I absolutely hated the ending. In my mind, they did the ending no justice. The frilly dress they had Katiness wear was ridiculous. Even in th beginning of the series, her blue dress wasn’t frilly and girly because that’s not who she is. Thanks for the review.

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  6. I think you were reading my mind when you were writing this! I love the books but the movies were…eh. And these movies (especially the last two) have not been my favorite in regards to Lawrence’s performances. Hutcherson did grow on me though.


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