Lukas Graham – Mama Said music review


When I was trying to figure out what song I should review it was between this and 7 Years. Ultimately I chose Mama Said because of its relatability, uplifting nature, and how damn inspirational it is. Lukas Graham is a band, and not just a person as many people think. Though, Lukas Graham Forchhammer is the main focal point of the group and it is completely his sound. Lukas Forchhammer has one of the best voices I have ever heard, and I wish I could hit the notes he does with his range. His sound is that of a mellow, yet soulful rap in front of acoustic instruments… Mama Said is a beautiful song because it talks about how he was raised poor and simple, yet despite this he had a good life and others had it worse. It then goes on to talk about how he wanted to use his music to break out of the life he had… To many this sing is very relatable… What makes the song so amazing though is that it super uplifting and inspires you to pursue your dreams… I find myself singing this to myself all the time since first hearing this.

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