I know literally nothing about Doctor Strange. I don’t know what his powers are like, how he fits into the universe, what he does. Nothing… I don’t know anything more after this trailer, BUT, that is a good thing! This is a teaser. It isn’t meant to tell you much, just to get you excited! Unlike the rest of the world, I don’t have a hard on for Benedict Cumberbatch. He is a good actor, but, I don’t regard him in the same way everyone else seems to… This trailer got me excited none the less! All I could really gather is that he was once a surgeon and got in a terrible accident that prevented him from saving lives. He was then taught by a bald woman to jump between realities. That is what I know and I have NO IDEA if it is right… What I do now is that the visuals behind this trailer are breathtaking and even if the movie is shit (it’s Marvel so it won’t be) at least it will look gorgeous.