Look at how 90s that poster is! Awesome!.. Anyway, as you remember (because I assume you read every single one of my reviews) a while back I reviewed Fuller House and I wasn’t the biggest fan, but it was passable. I have a piece of advice for you. NEVER watch all of Full House and the rewatch Fuller House. There is no comparison. I had forgot in the years of not watching this how absolutely hilarious and heart warming this show is! Immediately you feel like you are part of this spectacular family. Everyone knows the story of Full House. Danny Tanner loses his wife and his best friend Joey and brother in law Jesse move in to help raise his daughters DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle… Speaking of the kids. What in the world happened to child actors? This show was 30 years ago and they are 10 times better actors than ANY kid now!.. This show does have a distinct pattern though. A conflict happens at the beginning of the show and by the end of the show everyone has learned valuable lessons and “hugs it out”. Thats OK though because it’s meant to be a family series.. Easily the best part of this show is seeing these characters grow over time, both physically and mentally. Watching the kids grow up from elementary kids into high schoolers and adults is amazing. Watching Jesse and Joey develop a life long friendship out of hatred makes you believe in friendship. Watching Jesse go from a hardcore rebel to a responsible dad shows you that anything is possible… This show is a classic and no matter how much time goes by will be a hilarious and wholesome time.