My very first YouTube review!!! Lets talk about that… I had previously decided to not do these, then, I watched NOTHING but Good Mythical Morning for four days straight and had literally no other choice!.. Like fate really… Good Mythical Morning is a 10-15 minute morning show done every single day by the great Rhett and Link. I say great in case they read this, but the real reason they ARE so great is because they are just two normal dudes! Two normal dudes in their thirties that met in first grade and run a comedy morning show on YouTube… Very normal!.. I will be honest, I have watched very few episodes of this compared to how many have been released (over 1000). But, I have watched enough to know that this show is all about the chemistry of the hosts. It is crystal clear at any moment that these two are life long friends and will remain as such till they die in a Good Mythical Morning-related accident. Though this “show” is a little bit of everything and nothing at the same time, it has its highlights. For me, at least, those moments are “Will It?”, and “Taste Test”. There is something weirdly satisfying about watching these guys eat a whole scorpion and the hottest peppers in the world! But, they also talk about politics, the future, look at funny pictures, wax each others chests, etc… Now, I have to stop writing so I can continue my marathon!