I don’t understand how a movie with so many amazing actors can be so terrible and unforgettable… Get a Job follows five twenty year olds right after college, and the main guys dad (Bryan Cranston) as he tries to find a job after being laid off… I think it is about time we stop holding Bryan Cranston up on a pedestal. He keeps being in bad shit! Miles Tellers career is in and off, but you can’t be in something like Whiplash and return to this. All the other actors are good but I forgot who they are. I even forgot Anna Kendrick was in this till I saw that poster!.. Nothing ever seems to go right in this movie. The jokes don’t stick, the characters don’t seem real, everyone over acts, and even though its barely over an hour it drags on forever… This movie tries to be a giant slap in the face to millennials. That is really all it tries to do. Throughout the whole movie it talks about how that generation is awarded for everything, and babied, and never works. Miles Teller shows up for work in a t-shirt. They all smoke weed. They ask for money… It’s not a bad concept, just shittily executed and the ENTIRE audience is millennials.