A while back a teaser was released for this movie and I described that teaser as perfect. Because it was. I have been waiting and waiting for this trailer and it is finally here! The problem is I don’t feel anything. It’s not a BAD trailer. However, I have no goosebumps. I didn’t keep watching it over, and over. I wasn’t cheesing like an idiot… It was just a trailer. I think this movie will be spectacular. The cast is grade A, the story is known by everyone in the country, and it is getting released at the right time. You would think this was a throw away movie for November by this boring-ass trailer!.. Joseph Gordon-Levitt NAILED this role as far as I can tell. The look is down, the voice is perfect. He even seems stoic yet arrogant, but somehow likeable. Shailene Woodley is undeniably a good actor, and I’m glad she is trying to break out of her YA niche, but it is hard to see her as anything else. Best of luck to her though! She looks fan-fucking-tastic in this trailer!..Lots of names are in this, what we see looks good, but at this point I’m worried… I hope they are saving it for the movie so we are all blown away, but Hollywood isn’t usually that smart!