If you are or ever were a fan of Starcraft, than you are aware of Day[9]. If you are a fan of Day[9], than you loved Funday Monday… Well when Starcraft started losing its following something terrible happened. Funday Monday was burned to the ground. But, born from the ashes was something even better!.. Mostly Walking… Mostly Walking is a weekly series with Sean Plott, Sean Bouchard, and Bill Graner where they play point and click adventure games. I know what you are thinking! “But B, that sounds so boring. Why wouldn’t I just watch a new game with great graphics?” Well first I would tell you not to interrupt me, then I’d tell you that I couldn’t give a shit about these games! This series is brilliant and hilarious because these three personalities rib off of each other so well! You have Sean Plott, who (let’s be honest) is the glue of this whole shibang. He controls the game and cracks jokes. Sean Bouchard who provides us with actual knowledge about the game and actually moves it forward. Bill Graner who gives us witty sarcasm and an endless stream of puns. Sure, for being professional adventure gamers, they kind of suck at adventure games. BUT, I watch it because at the end of a Monday it is good to sit down and have a good laugh with these three guys, and they never disappoint there.