Concussion movie review


I love true stories, biopics, and dramas. This is a superb combination of those coupled with the acting prowess of Will Smith… Will Smith, to me at least, is known for his charismatic nature and confidence in his screen presence. Seeing him tackle a role so utterly different and doing an Oscar worthy performance is enough reason to watch this movie. Not even to mention that accent!.. But, this movie has many reasons to watch it. Watching NFL legends unravel and struggle with their own madness is captivating. David Morse portrayal of superstar Mike Webster it almost terrifying in it’s realism and sadness… Most goals for “true story” movies is to just tell the story. I believe the job of this one was to raise awareness for the cause that is still affecting us, and to make change. It this can’t do it, and reach the masses, nothing will.



One thought on “Concussion movie review”

  1. It reached me. I didn’t even really care for the movie or Will Smith’s performance but because of it I stopped watching football and MMA. So I’m glad I saw it.


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