In the spirit of honesty I should have you know that I am a little bitch when it comes to anything scary. Despite that, though, I know for a fact that this game is terrifying! Ever been watching a horror movie and wish you could tell the characters what to do so they don’t die? Now you can! Until Dawn is a PS4 only horror game, that is more like a movie. You play as eight twenty-somethings that take a trip to their friends cabin on top of a mountain on the one year anniversary of two of their friends mysterious death there. You make decisions throughout the game that effect the story, who dies, and the end of the game. The butterfly effect plays a HUGE role in this. A seemingly arbitrary decision you make at the start of the game can kill somebody later on. How you treat somebody can effect if they cause your death… You can save everyone, or no one! Beyond the great mechanics of the game, the story itself is deep. The main story of these kids and their friends and night at this cabin is great. Sure, it uses every movie trope it can think of but this is just you controlling a horror movie! Going deeper than the main story though you learn about the history of the mountain in 1952, and the lives of the twins you kill of in the beginning… Just make sure you explore! On top of all that this game is gorgeous. Maybe the most gorgeous game I have ever payed. It focuses on every little detail and draws you into this world in a way that makes it that much more terrifying. I don’t just recommend playing this game. I recommend playing it many many times to get every story you can!