I need to start believing people when enough of them tell me something is shit. Hopefully you will believe me when I tell you this movie is complete SHIT. Not kinda shit. Not half shit. COMPLETE SHIT. The 5th Wave stars Chloe Grace Moretz and is the movie adaptation of the Young Adult book of the same name. Aliens invade and try and wipe us out in 5 different stages that make no sense but thy try and make it make sense. They don’t want to damage the earth so first they do an electromagnet pulse. Sure, makes sense. We rely on our technology. We can’t fight back without it. Then they kill us with massive earthquakes. THEN they kill us with viruses. THEN they make us turn on each other. They fucked up the earth with earthquakes then killed nearly everyone with one virus. Why not make a bunch of viruses and make us turn on each other then? Dumb ass aliens… Other than that it wasn’t that bad until the middle, just really boring. Then aliens came along and basically said to the audience “See that really bad thing we just did? We are TOTALLY aliens!” Then treated us like we are stupid and like we don’t KNOW they are aliens. Then Cassie, the main character, falls for a dude after telling you the whole time not to trust anyone… This movie was equally boring as it is frustrating. The only redeeming part of this overly narrated, contradictory, boring movie is the squad they have assembled and the brief screen time Zombie and Ringer get together. Fuck this movie. I love this genre and it didn’t do right by it.