Bring It On movie review


There is nothing wrong with a guilty pleasure! And this series is as much of a guilty pleasure as the Step Up movies! Bring It On is the start of the series though, and probably the only ACTUAL good one they made. When Torrance Shipman becomes the new cheer captain she finds out that her squads routines have been stolen from an inner city schools team… There are rivalries, weird romances, and hilarious jokes that were okay at the end of the 90’s but not so much now! But hey, I love some good raunchy comedy!.. Just for a moment though I’d like to point out the fact that Pitch Perfect is BASICALLY Bring It On. Girl inherits the team. New girl joins the team even though she doesn’t want to. They preform the same boring routine. Incorporate many different styles in to their new routine, so on and so forth! They even replace the beginning of words to “cheer” instead of “aca”! Anyway… I’m not saying this is a A+ movie but it is fun, raunchy, and a great throwback!


3 thoughts on “Bring It On movie review”

  1. This is a movie that I know is bad but like anyway. As a friend of mine said, this one’s not a guilty pleasure – it’s just a pleasure. Glad to see I’m not the only one with questionable/great taste in movies.


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