Guys, is Bo okay?.. Either way though, that was fucking sensational! Bo Burnham has come out with three comedy specials, this being the third, and every one is better than the last! Make Happy focuses much more on stand up than songs than any of his other specials, and yet the way he goes about it works very well! I highly recommend watching this on a big TV, with the lights off, and the sound up… What makes this show what it is is Bo’s stage presence and showmanship. He talks about how he has never known anything but entertainment and that is why his shows aren’t relatable yet highly entertaining. It’s all he knows… Going back to the songs. This act has very few memorable songs like his other specials. Ninety percent of his act is making fun of his fans and other artists. On top of that most of his bits are very rapid and he moves on to the next bit quickly. Though that work VERY well for him and is fucking hysterical, I don’t see how you get a CD out of this. That is the only bad thing I can find about this. Bo has always been hilarious and the last ten minutes of this show takes him to a very deep level. He speaks about needing, yet fearing the validation of his fans, and how he has focused so much on others peoples happiness that he forgot his own… In the end he runs off to a family that doesn’t exist…This show is raunchy, hilarious, and somehow beautiful.