Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) movie review


I’m confused as to what everyone’s problem with this movie was. Yes it is a quite ridiculous, but, the second you start expecting a movie about TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES to be anything close to normal is when you can no longer enjoy movies. I grew up on the ninja turtles. I watched the show and the original movies. Hell, I played with the toys! I still had fun watching this because it is only meant to be fun! A large complaint is that the turtles looked bad… Do you even remember the original turtles? They looked like shit, and nobody complained then! I’m not going to sit here and tell you it was a perfect movie… Mikey was kind of creepy sometimes, Fichtner was clearly supposed to be shredder, and the turtles relation to April was downright stupid. But this movie is not for the 20-somethings. It is to get the kids of today into TMNT and in that regard it succeeded. And isn’t that a win?




6 thoughts on “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) movie review”

  1. There was a lot to dislike to be honest, with it being far too silly and aimed at kids at some points. The sequel
    Does look Good but because it seems to be aimed at the people who watched the original animated series which is a great move.


    1. It is aimed at kids though. TMNT is for kids. I wouldn’t go back and watch the original TMNT stuff and expect it to not be silly. This got modern kids interested in the turles and I love that.


      1. Does it have to be silly and aimed at kids? Plenty of kids movies aren’t too silly (like this) and still manage to bridge the gap.


  2. How about the fact that, just like transformers, the titular characters are merely plot devices for the human characters? Or the fact that the plot is almost identical to the amazing Spider-Man? Or worse yet, the fact that with all of our cgi and technology, the turtles looked worse than a bunch of guys in glorified children show host costumes made 26 years ago. Also, the over sexualization of Megan Fox has no place in a TMNT movie. That is why people hate this god awful excuse of a movie.


    1. Its not a perfect movie by any means, no. But movies like this don’t have to be amazingly written or make sense in any sort of way. Its a kids movie, and not meant to be any more than that. It wasn’t made for nostalgic purposes, it was made to get modern kids interest in the tutles. And it did! And sure the turtles were not the front runners of the movie, and I didn’t like that. Again, not perfect. But it doesn’t deserve all the hate it has. Its not for nostalgic adults. Its for kids that just think it’s fun and cool!


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