The Conjuring 2 movie review



As anyone that has been following me for a while will know, I am fucking terrified of scary movies. I can’t handle them and I rarely watch them. So, when I build up the courage to watch a scary movie, I try to make it the best one! Imagine my disappointment… The Conjuring 2 follows a family that recently settled into a house that they didn’t really want to move in to (sound familiar?). The kids fuck with a Ouija board and the old man that died in the house years ago starts to drive the family out in the only way ghosts know how… Once again the Warrens, Ed and Lorraine, come to save the day… Though I am not a fan of this movie, I have to say that Ed and Lorraine are probably my favorite characters to ever hit a horror franchise!.. Now, I want to stess that very little has happened in my description and we are over an HOUR in by now. This movie spins it’s wheels and wastes your time for quite a while until anything happens, and even then it’s only marginally interesting until the last thirty minutes. Until the last thirty minutes the Warrens continuously blame the little possesed girl for faking everything for attention when it’s CLEARLY not fake! Dumbasses… Anyway. I don’t want to tell you too much but there is a kinda cool twist at the end and then it ends exactly as you expected… There is nothing new or original in this movie. Nothing as terrifying as hide and clap. It introduces nothing new, and it’s scares are half-heartedly thrown in. I’m sad to say all of this, I loved the first one, but it is true.


9 thoughts on “The Conjuring 2 movie review”

  1. So glad you review these horror movies so I don’t have to watch them and be equally as terrified! This kind of thing would leave me awake for days. 🙂


  2. Saying that the girl was faking it was actually quite a clever way of playing with the story. A lot of the details with the real Ensfield case that the movie is based on were disproved, so this was an interesting way of incorporating what happened while still keeping it properly grounded in the supernatural. Or at least I think so.


    1. I don’t believe in the supernatural so I don’t follow anything of the sort. If that is the case though than having her do that IS clever but they went about it very wrong


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