The Mindy Project is very clearly the brain child of Mindy Kaling, and I love it. It is a Romantic Comedy movie, in TV form… The Mindy Project follows Mindy Lahiri. An OBGYN at a practice in New York. She is quirky, bubbly, and wants nothing more than for her life to be a fairy tale. Although it is Mindy that makes the show what it is, it is her friends that add so much more to it. You have Danny, Jeremy, Tamra, Betsy, Beverly, and my personal favorite Morgan. Being an OBGYN, she works a lot. So, the show is often followed in the hospital setting where Mindy kicks off her high heels for scrubs and is one bad-ass doctor!.. Though this show kicks away many of the stereotypes of Indians and women, at the heart of it all it is still a rom-com. The first season is mainly the single life of Mindy Lahiri, but then comes the string of boyfriends and hook ups in her quest to find her one true love. Something fantastic the show does though is make all of her boyfriends be AMAZINGLY written characters with depth. Although the whole time, if you are familiar with the genre, you know who she will be with,  you could also believe her ending up with any of these men!.. Though season four has hit a downward spiral for me; super sad, changing the story line, losing an important character… I am confident it will come back around to the wish fulfillment show it has always been.