Radcliffe is one of my more liked actors, mainly because of Harry Potter, but also because of what he has done with his career since then. He has done some weird shit! Yet, they always end up being pretty good… Imperium follows an FBI agent who goes undercover into a white power group. Radcliffe’s character, from what I understand, is ex military but has little to no combat or undercover experience… Needless to say he gets over his head! They show that by him getting a tattoo, letting his feelings leak into the job, and him attending rallies, and MAYBE even getting caught at the end of the trailer… Now, the honest part. I’m probably not going to see this unless it comes on Netflix or Hulu. I MIGHT rent it but I’m not going to seek this out. I feel like this could go either way, but, more than likely just be an adequate movie that is very moving the one time you see it. Though I like Daniel Radcliffe and can’t help but get that vibe off of it.