This movie had some damn good songs in it. Like, Lonely Island toppers! Now, if none of you know who the Lonely Island is I’ll tell you. Lonely Island started out as a short skit group on Saturday Night Live, often collaborating with big stars such as Justin Timberlake. After that they reached mainstream success due to their hilarious lyrics and awesome videos… This movie is BASICALLY a giant Lonely Island video, and I fucking love it… Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping follows Conner, a popstar that’s first solo album became the biggest thing in the world and he is preparing to release his second album that is looking like it will be utter dog shit. Conner use to be a member of the Style Boyz, a huge boy band that consisted of his all time best friends Owen and Lawrence. Till his head got too big and he left… If you haven’t already heard, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping is just bonkers good and funny. This right here is a great example of a movie that knows EXACTLY what it is and rolls with it! Almost every joke hits for me. The acting chops and delivery Andy Samberg provides excels this movie past anything more than it ever should be. You take this weird ass premise and character, hand it to another actor, even one with MORE acting ability and they couldn’t do what he did with it. To put icing on the cake the cameos is this were great. To name a few you have Simon Cowell, Snoop Dogg, Seal, Questlove, USher, D.J. Khaled, and my personal favorite Justin Timberlake!.. The way Popstar is filmed is just fucking brilliant for this movie too. It is documentary style following his release of the album. This way of dong it is fucking brilliant BECAUSE instead of having an inner monologue Conner just speaks his dumb ass things straight to the camera! On top of that it really paints a picture for how big this guy actually is when it is filmed this way. It opens up doors to talking to celebrities directly about him, cutting back and forth in time with a narrator without it being annoying, I love it!.. This movie made me laugh, and not just through my nose, full blown laugh. It exceeded my expectations in almost every way and I already want to re-watch it. I’m buying this shit and so should you.