Pokemon Go game review


I never thought I would be reviewing an app, but, here I am!.. In all reality there is not much to review on the game play of Pokemon Go. It is very straight forward… Go outside and using your GPS you catch Pokemon. Level up those Pokemon, hatch eggs, and take over training gyms with the team of your choice (Go Valor!). Sure the servers crash all the time and I wish I could battle friends and trade… But, Its less the game play that makes this game what it is, but the experience you have while playing it. I can go to the local park or downtown to catch Pokemon and FEEL like a real trainer out hunting Pokemon! While I’m down there I will run in to tons of people. Thirty people sitting on corners with lures and a seemingly endless string of people walking around town playing the same game I am. Even without interacting with these people you are sharing something that stretches generations with them and forming a bond and a friendship… That is the beautiful thing of this game… As for battling friends and trading, I hear it is in the works!


2 thoughts on “Pokemon Go game review”

  1. I love it, gets people out of the house and exploring the local community. Such a social experience with a lot of people playing it. And I get to feel like an actual Pokemon trainer, my life long dream since I was 4/5.

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  2. Just downloaded this today. It was the natural progression for Pokemon and may just keep the series going for at least a few more years yet.


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