Justice League trailer review


Please be good. Please be good. Please be good. Please. Please… So I get done writing my review for the Wonder Woman trailer and I refresh YouTube and see this. And it’s not like I’m going to IGNORE the fucking Justice League!.. The difference is that I’m more excited for Wonder Woman. I’m scared for this. I’m still going to see it, I’m not out of my mind, but I feel like it’s too much too soon. Yes, when Avengers came out it was only four years after Iron man and this is only three years of Man of Steel. However, there were five movies before Avengers that were all very good. Before this there is a shitty Superman movie, a shitty collaboration movie, and 2 that haven’t even been released yet. All I’m saying is there is every right to be VERY concerned about this and how quickly it was rushed… On to the trailer though!  It opens very dark and gritty, which is expected, but, what was unexpected was the tone change to Icky Thump, and that brought a smile to my face!.. We have our glimpse of Aquaman and I am IMPRESSED. Thats not even sarcasm! Throughout this trailer he is just a bad ass and I love it.We then move on to The Flash, who finally addresses the “man sitting in dark introduces himself cliche” and I was sold more… Thats where I stop being impressed though. This trailer starts off strong with Batman recruiting the League for some massive evil that is coming for them, and I rather enjoy that premise. On top of that Batman’s and Wonder Woman’s suits are amazing… Then we spend an entire minute with The Flash and it cuts to the shittiest suits of Flash and Cyborg anyone could ever think up… And then its over… Just over. I know I will probably get flack for this but after the excitement wears of and you re-watch this, its not that good. I expected more from a comic-con trailer, and with Wonder Woman I know DC can deliver it.


3 thoughts on “Justice League trailer review”

  1. Once again, I completely agree with your reasoning and actually have completed my review for this. It does look very concerning regarding how much of a let done BVS actually was, and the fact that Zack Snyder is still directing gives even more cause for concern. Wonder Woman definitely looks like it will outshine this and be the ultimate DC film for a long time.


  2. I thought the trailer looked wicked good, but I think you’re also right in not getting overly excited yet. I believe the JL film will be good, because unlike the other DC films this one will be most creative and the story should be out of this world amazing.

    Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn’t great, but going into it I suspected that since it was a prequel. Marvel kind of hurt DC by doing all the super hero movies before DC. Before The Avengers there were Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor films which lead up to The Avengers series of films. DC is trying to do the same thing, yet some are perhaps bored. In the end I think Ben Afleck is going to do the role of Batman justice. As a huge DC fan I cannot wait to see this film!.


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